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What does Creatine do?


How Creatine helps ?

Any workout requires a significant amount of energy – and high intensity training is no exception. In fact, high intensity workouts require energy levels to be high so that your performance isn’t limited. Creatine can be supplemented into your routine to help, particularly during high intensity repeated bouts, like weightlifting, when 3g of creatine are consumed per day.

Creatine is naturally produced in the body by amino acids but not in large amounts, which is why you find it in foods in your diet, and creatine supplements. Creatine is generally supplemented as powder and mixed with a liquid to make a drink. It can be taken daily to fully saturate your creatine stores in your muscles to support performance during high intensity, short bursts of exercise. Here, we look at why you might want to supplement Creatine into your regime:

To improve your workout performance

Your body requires sufficient levels of energy to perform to the best of its ability and make every rep count. Creatine can be supplemented pre-workout, mixed with a high-sugary drink to increase your performance during high intensity exercise.

Healthy muscle development

Protein synthesis must exceed protein breakdown for new muscle to be built and a protein-rich diet coupled with an effective training programme is critical for this. Creatine supplements can be used to support your exercise performance and prolong depletion.