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Casein – The Night Time Protein


Casein – The Night Time Protein

When you’re putting in the hard graft on the gym floor, don’t let the quick wins slip away. Casein can be the perfect protein bolt on to your nutrition plan to promote muscle maintenance and growth.

What is Casein?

Casein, similar to whey is a dairy protein that can be found in foods such as yoghurt, cheese, butter and cow’s milk, although it cannot be found in dairy milk alternatives such as almond milk or coconut water. In cow’s milk, approximately 80% of the protein content is casein with the remaining being whey protein and serum. Although you would have to drink around about a pint of the white stuff to get 20g protein serve, cow’s milk is a source of calcium and potassium as well as casein.

Why is Casein so great?

After a hard training session you should be looking to take on board a source of whey protein as it digests and releases the amino acids (AA) into the blood stream quickly, ready to be transported to the muscles for restoration. This quick release of AA doesn’t last long though, so how do we keep the restoration wheel turning during the rest of the day?

The process of protein synthesis and protein breakdown cycles throughout the day and night in response to ingested dietary protein. Without a source of AA muscle protein synthesis will decrease, resulting in a potential increase in muscle protein breakdown. Not ideal if you’re looking to keep hold of the gains you’ve made in the gym, that’s where casein comes in.

When casein hits stomach acid it tends to clot meaning it takes longer to digest compared to whey protein. Because of this slow digestion rate, the AA from casein are released at a sustained rate and prolongs the anabolic response (protein synthesis). Taking casein protein before bed, or during fasted periods is an excellent way to drip feed AA into your system.

How to take casein

Maximuscle have released a 2.5kg bag Micellar Casein, available in two flavours Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Mint. A 30g serve Maximuscle Micellar Casein delivers 21.9g protein that is low in fat and sugar. Why not try adding your serve to a pre-bed hot chocolate drink. Delicious!