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Do You Know How Much Protein Is In Your Tub

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How Much Protein Is In Your Tub

If you’re shopping around for protein powder you’re most probably comparing the protein content between tubs. Have you ever stopped to question if you’re getting what’s advertised on the label?

The protein content you see on the reverse nutritional label should be shown “as is” but sometimes you will see it declared as “dry protein”. If you’re confused, you’re not alone! The key indicator to look at when comparing between protein supplements is the “as is” protein content, which refers to the actual protein amount that will be delivered. For example, if the protein content of a supplement is 90%, you will get 90 g protein per 100 g.

Conversely, some manufacturers will advertise the protein content of their powders as “dry protein”, which isn’t a true reflection of the protein content. Here’s why, to get protein into the tub a process called spray drying is often used. All spray dried proteins have a moisture content which will impact the protein concentration, but this is unavoidable. This is where some companies start to pull the wool over your eyes by declaring the protein content as “dry”, but ultimately you aren’t buying dry protein and should not expect to see this amount of protein in your tub. Some manufacturers choose to exaggerate the protein concentration of their product to mislead the consumer and give the perception that their product is superior.

So by comparing one product advertising “dry protein” compared to another which refers to “as is” protein, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Next time you’re shopping around for a great deal on protein powders make sure you aren’t comparing a ‘dry weight’ protein with an ‘as is’ protein because it isn’t a valid comparison.


At Maximuscle we’re committed to bringing you high quality protein supplements that use “as is” values, ensuring you’re protein works as hard as you do. We’ve gone one step further by validating the True Protein concentration of all our new protein powders, where each amino acid is weighed to ensure your shake delivers the protein content promised on the label.