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Maximuscle Whey Protein - Does What It Says on the Tub

Do you solemnly swear that your protein powder label tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?! When deciding which protein powder deserves your cold hard cash, one of the main points of differences to look out for between products is the protein content stated front of pack. But, how do we know that what’s stated on front of pack is accurate?


Typically, sports supplement companies theoretically calculate the amount of protein present within their products based on the total nitrogen content (nitrogen being an element of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins). However, this method can cause some variances in the derived protein levels as not all nitrogen in food is in the form of protein. Thus the advertised protein content on front of pack may not be wholly accurate.


Maximuscle have gone one step further by validating the protein concentration in their protein powders by comparing the weight of the individual amino acids with the calculated factored amount, qualifying this as premium whey protein. We guarantee that every serving of a Maximuscle whey protein powder provides high-quality protein to help support your physique and performance aspirations.