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Maximuscle Whey Protein - The Quality Protein Choice



There are certain times where we’re willing to spend more and invest in quality goods, and times where we’re willing to accept the trade off in quality to bag ourselves a bargain. When it comes to shopping around for protein powders, finding quality products should be high on the agenda.


With the demand for sports supplements increasing in recent years; the active nutrition market has been flooded with thousands of new protein supplement companies. As such, pressure on prices has encouraged sourcing of raw ingredients from low cost suppliers with low cost quality control, which in some cases leaves you with sub-par ingredients sneaking into protein pouches.


At Maximuscle we understand what it takes to achieve a great physique and we believe that this starts with high quality protein. Maximuscle have been producing the highest quality protein supplements since 1995, with innovation being at the heart of everything we do. Maximuscle continually strive to bring athletes and trainers the highest quality ingredients in convenient formats to support training goals.

Maximuscle’s BioMax True Protein is a unique, high quality protein blend that is fast acting with a sustained release of protein, which gets to work fast and lasts for hours. Only Maximuscle products contain BioMax True Protein, which we create from fresh dairy (milk and whey) product using a technique called low temperature ultra-filtration. This filters out some of the other macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats, but doesn’t harm the high levels of naturally pure protein.

With fast acting and slow release proteins, BioMax True Protein is the preferred choice for Maximuscle Progain and Promax Lean formulas, the perfect snack substitute when temptation threatens to hamper your performance.


Maximuscle only use science based evidence and quality ingredients in formulating our products. Every Maximuscle product is screened for banned substances and is registered with the Informed-Sport programme.