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Strawberry Mousse Chocolate Cups

Mousse Cups.jpeg
Strawberry Mousse Chocolate Cups

Makes 6 large cups 

- 200g light cream cheese
- 5-7 tbsp freeze-dried strawberry powder (or more, to taste)
- MaxShake Strawberry Protein Milk, to thin (we used 150ml)
- 2 tbsp maple syrup
- 1 tsp vanilla extract

- 250g dark chocolate, melted 
- 2 tsp coconut oil

- Make your filling by beating together cream cheese with strawberry powder. 
- Slowly stir in the protein milk, until smooth and creamy and the mixture is the texture you’d like - don’t add too much, you don’t want it runny! Creamy and mousse-like is perfect.
- Stir in maple syrup and vanilla and set aside.
- Pour some of the melted chocolate into the base of round silicone cupcake moulds. Use a brush or your fingers or a spoon to bring the mixture up the sides of the silicone case, so that you form a cup. 
- Place in the fridge to set, and keep your remaining chocolate melted. 
- Once set, remove from the fridge. 
- Spoon your mousse over the top, then top with remaining chocolate to completely cover. 
- Set in the fridge overnight 
- Surprise mum tomorrow & enjoy!