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Lemon & Lime EAA Mocktail


Shake up your supplements this summer with our refreshing EAA mocktail drink!

Serves 1


·       MaxiNutriton EAA Powder in Lemon & Lime flavour

·       1 Lime or lemon (or both!)

·       White sugar

·       Crushed Ice

·       MaxiNutrition shaker (or any shaker will do, but won’t look as cool)

·       Cocktail glass (optional, but fun!)


Slice the lemon/lime into rings and 2 wedges. Using one of the wedges, gently squeeze to release the juice and rub the wedge around the glass to make it sticky. Pour a thin layer of sugar on to a small plate and tipping the glass upside down, rub the rim into the sugar to coat the edge.

Next, make up our EAA drink following the on-pack instructions and give it a good shake (cocktail style) in one of our iconic red top shakers (for added flair)!

Allow the drink to settle for 2 minutes, and in the meantime, fill your prepared glass with lots of crushed ice. Pour the EAA’s into the glass, add a lime wedge and an extra slice into the glass for added ZING!

Serve immediately whilst its cold, crisp and refreshing!