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Vegan Chocolate Orange Fudge

Vegan Fudge.jpeg
Vegan Chocolate Orange Fudge

- 100g dark chocolate
- 1 cup nut butter of choice (we used chocolate orange almond butter, but you can also use cashew butter, chocolate hazelnut butter or, for decadence, chocolate hazelnut spread)
- 2 tbsp MaxVegan Chocolate ProteinPowder
- Zest one large orange
- Juice half orange
- Drop edible orange oil, to taste
- 1-2 tbsp maple syrup to taste (optional)
- 1 tbsp cashew milk
- Pinch sea salt

- Gently melt together the dark chocolate and nut butter (we used a Bain Marie, but you could also use a microwave), stirring until smooth. 
- Remove from the heat, then whisk in the protein powder and salt. 
- Stir in the orange zest and juice, then the cashew milk and the maple syrup if using. 
- Pour into a small lined square tin, then place in the fridge to set. 
- Once set, best stored at room temperature (unless it’s very hot outside). 
- Serve cut into 8 squares.

Per Square (without maple syrup): Kcal 198 | Fat 15.5g | Protein 5.9g | Carbs 6g