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Mocha Brownies

Mocha Brownie.jpeg
Valentine's Mocha Brownies

- 150g block butter
- 160g dark chocolate, finely chopped
- 1 cup coconut sugar
- 3/4 cup milk of choice
- 1/4 cup strong espresso
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 1/3 cup cacao
- 1 cup ground almonds
- 1/2 cup spelt flour
- 3 scoops MaxIsolate Coffee Protein
- 1 tbsp coconut flour
- 1 tsp baking powder
- Pinch salt
- 100g dark chocolate, chopped

- Preheat oven to 180C. 
- Line a square brownie tin with baking paper and set aside.
- In a pan, melt together butter and chocolate, stirring smooth. 
- Whisk in coconut sugar, milk, vanilla and espresso. 
- Sift in cacao, ground almonds, spelt flour, baking powder, salt and protein. 
- Stir until just combined, then add the coconut flour. If the mixture is too thin - it should fall in a soft dollop from a spoon - add 1 tbsp more coconut flour. 
- Fold in the chocolate chips, then pour into the prepared tin. 
- Bake in the oven for 18-22 minutes, or until brownie is beginning to come away from the sides and is firm on top but gooey in the middle.
- Allow to cool completely, then cut and enjoy.

Macros per bar:
Kcal 435 calories / Fat 26g / Carbs 43g/ Protein 13g