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Maximuscle's Protein Project


Welcome to the Maximuscle Protein Project

Protein Project

The Protein Project took place in 2013, this campaign was set out to show that protein usage is not only for body builders and professional athletes but can help to transform anybody’s physique and fitness levels with the right commitment. It involved selecting three guys from a pool of 10,000 applicants, and transform them from ‘Average Joes’ into cover model condition based on their three individual goals. In order to do this we put the three guys through their paces within a 12 week period. Our nutritionists gave them expert advice and meal plans, our PT’s put them through the right training in the gym and of course each challenger was supplied with all the right Maximuscle products they needed along the way to suit their individual goal.

You can see the individual challengers below and what they managed to achieve with the help of Maximuscle. We also have some useful tips to help get you started on your own journey.

Meet Our Challengers

The Protein Project - Oli Transformation


Goal: To lose weight and transform my body

Oli is an apprentice electrician from Worcester. As a teenager he had trials for the Worcester Warriors Rugby Academy and wants the Protein Project to help him shed his excess body fat and improve his on pitch performance

Fitness Improvements

Exercise Week 1 Week 12
Deadlift (3 rep max) 130kg 180kg
Squat (3 rep max) 100kg 140kg
Plank (time to fatigue) 1:44 min 2:24 min

Oli's Progress

Week1 Week 12
Weight 107.9kg 95kg
Muscle Mass 75.4kg 73.7kg
Fat % 26.5% 18.4%

How did Oli do it?

Training Plan Nutrition Plan

The Protein Project - David Transformation

David Reilly

Goal: To bulk up and transform his body

David is a self employed electrician from Bromley, South London. A keen footballer for Bromley AFC, he is looking to improve his performance, strength and speed over the course of the Protein Project.

Fitness Improvements

Exercise Week 1 Week 12
Deadlift (3 rep max) 90kg 150kg
Squat (3 rep max) 80kg 110kg
Plank (time to fatigue) 1:50 min 6:34 min

David's Progress

Week1 Week 12
Weight 82.2kg 80.2kg
Muscle Mass 64.2kg 65kg
Fat % 17.9% 14.7%

How did David do it?

Training Plan Nutrition Plan

The Protein Project - James Transformation

James Goddard

Goal: Transform into cover model condition

James works in London’s financial district for a well known banking firm. He is a former member of the London Blitz American Football team and wants to use his Protein Project experience to get back to a condition where he can play again.

Fitness improvements

Exercise Week 1 Week 12
Deadlift (3 rep max) 110kg 150kg
Squat (3 rep max) 110kg 132kg
Plank (time to fatigue) 1:29 min 2:46 min

James' Progress

Week1 Week 12
Weight 86.1kg 77.6kg
Muscle Mass 65kg 63.5kg
Fat % 20.5% 13.9%

How did James do it?

Training Plan Nutrition Plan