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Batch Tested Quality Sport Supplements


At Maximuscle, we test every batch of every product.

At Maximuscle we have registered our products with Informed-Sport since it began, to help provide you with products that are tested for substances banned in sport. We test every batch of every product.

A batch refers to a specific quantity of a product made. Each unit in this batch is stamped with a batch code. This allows batches to be easily traceable and identifiable. Sports nutrition brands that sign up to the Informed-Sport programme must have every batch screened. When these batches pass the screen, the brand may then bear the Informed-Sport logo on its product labels.

LGC (formerly known as the Laboratory of Government Chemists), screens Maximuscle products using chromatography and mass spectrometry (with samples first going through targeted extraction techniques). Chromatography involves separating the sample into its constituents and then timing how long each takes to leave the apparatus (giving a retention time). Mass spectrometry allows identification of a substance. The results of both parts of the analysis are then used to identify any banned substances by comparison to known drug standards; this technique is in accordance with the ISO standard 17025.

Maximuscle has been registered with the Informed-Sport programme from the very beginning. We ensure that the required numbers of batches are tested for banned substances to meet LGC’s requirements. So you can have confidence that you are getting products that are high quality as they are free from banned substances.

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