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All the benefits of protein without the whey

We’ve created our best-ever plant based protein with Plant Max; perfect for vegans, flexitarians or anyone looking to add a different protein source to their diet.

Packed with recovery-optimising ingredients including 20g of plant protein that’s the equivalent to 3 eggs per serve! We’ve combined 2 powerful plant based proteins; pea protein and brown rice protein which contains 9 essential amino acids.

Suitable For Vegans   Gluten Free   Soy Free   No Thickeners

plant max pack shot

Vegan, Low Fat, Sugar Free, High Fibre

What you put in your body is just as important as the effort you put in at the gym which is why we formulated Plant Max to be Low Fat, Sugar Free, High Fibre and only 108 calories per serve so you can feel good about your daily protein boost.  


Only Natural Colours & Flavours for a Better Taste

We believe that plant-based protein shouldn’t mean a compromise on taste which is why we always use 100% natural colours and flavours for a better taste and no unnecessary thickeners for a better texture. Our vanilla powders are made with real vanilla seeds and real strawberries give our strawberry powder a genuine flavour and colour.



Plant max recipe v2

Boosted with Vitamins & Minerals

Unlike other brands we enhance our plant protein with added vitamins & minerals so you get a complete solution in one protein powder – handy!

High Vitamin B12: We’ve boosted our plant protein with Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin for anyone following a plant based diet thanks to its immune-boosting and energy supporting properties.

Iron: Essential for those following a plant based diet. 

A Great Alternative to Whey Protein 

Thanks to Plant Max containing pea and brown rice protein it's a great alternative for people that may struggle to digest whey protein powders. It's also free from soy and gluten, an all round tummy-pleasing formulation!



Plant Max Ruby

Add to Shakes, Smoothies & Pancakes

We think Plant Max tastes great added to shakes, bakes and breakfasts. Just add to water for a convenient plant based shake or give smoothies, porridge and pancakes a protein boost.

For Shakes: Just mix 3 scoops (30g) with 200-250ml of water