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Pre-Match Football Nutrition Snack Guide


Pre-match football nutrition snack guide

You’re minutes away from the start of the big game and the nerves are kicking in. Try Maximuscle’s pre-match football nutrition snack guide to help you reach your potential.

All of the items listed below can be consumed just minutes before kick-off, so are perfect to have when waiting in the changing room.


Snack on any of these foods and you’ll be ready and rearing to go.

Low-fat yoghurt

There are so many benefits to eating a low-fat yoghurt in the final build-up to a football match. This great snack delivers, as it’s pack with protein and carbohydrates.

Granola cereal bar

Granola cereal bar are great as they contain carbohydrates, protein and fibre.


It is not just food that makes for great pre-match nutrition for football players, as the following three drinks showcase:

1. Isotonic sports drink

Many athletes will enjoy an isotonic sports drink following exercise. 

However, the carbohydrates and electrolytes found within an isotonic sports drink also makes them great to have before a match.

2. Orange juice

There are many benefits of drinking low-sugar orange juice ahead of a football match.

Many orange juice drinks are made up of around 90 per cent water, these provide a concentrated sources of carbohydrates and certain vitamins and minerals, the most notable of which is vitamin C. Potassium is also provided which contributes to normal muscle function.

3. Water with grey sea salt

There is nothing wrong with drinking just water in the lead up to a match — we recommend adding a pinch of grey sea salt to the mixture though, as this adds electrolytes to the drink.