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The Chest Smash Workout


Exercises for a bigger, broader chest

Wole Adesemoye Wbff Pro, Winner of BBC's Last Man Standing and Maximuscle PT created this chest smash workout to help you build bigger and more defined pectorals.

This workout consists of 2 supersets and a triset, each should be performed three times.

The Workout

  1. Superset 1:
    • Bench press x8-12
    • Incline hex press x8-12
  2. Superset 2:
    • Tilted dumbbell incline press x8-12
    • Incline dumbbell flys x8-12
  3. Triset:
    • Dumbbell pull overs x8-12
    • Low cable fly x8-12
    • Plate press x8-12