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The Kettlebell Workout


A full body workout that just uses kettlebells

Sean Lerwill, ex-royal marines and Maximuscle PT, created this kettlebell workout to improve your full body conditioning

Use one kettlebell for the whole workout:

  • 79kg or under - 16kg KB
  • 85kg or under - 20kg KB
  • 89kg or under - 24kg KB
  • 90kg and over - 32kg KB

Thorough warm-up and mobility beforehand:

The Workout - 3 sets of each

  1. 20x KB swings - 10 cleans each arm (alternate start arm each set)
  2. 20x KB swings - 10-15 KB goblet pause squat (3510 tempo)
  3. 20x KB swings - 6-12 renegade rows each arm (alternate start arm each set). If possible, raise non-lifting arm on a step or block or another kettlebell.
  4. 3-5x KB goblet pistol squats - dropset to 4-6 no KB pistol squats (alternate start leg each time). Single leg stiff leg deadlift (alternate start leg each time).
  5. 20x KB swings - single arm shoulder press (to failure - alternate start arm each set - aim for same number each arm)
  6. KB split squat to failure. Dropset to same number of no KB pistol squats (alternate start leg each set). *-12 KB windmill (alternate start leg each set). Perform for 1 leg/side. Rest, then perform for other side.
  7. 3-5x turkish get up. Single arm chest press on floor to failure 3010 tempo. Perform for one arm/side. Rest, then perform the otherside.

30-60 seconds rest between sets.