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The Superhero Bodyweight Workout


Train like a superhero

Sean Lerwill, ex-royal marines and Maximuscle PT, created this superhero bodyweight workout to help with your full body conditioning and get you in superhero shape.

1000 reps - 100 reps of each exercise - 10 exercises

You can do as many of each exercise as you want in multiples of 10 and tick them off cricket scoring style. You can perform in any order as long as at the end you have completed 100 reps of all 10 exercises. The order given is the order I personally would do 10 of each 10 times.

Thorough warm-up and mobility beforehand:

The Workout

  1. Pistol squat left leg
  2. Pistol squat right leg
  3. Pike press-up
  4. Pull-ups
  5. Plyometric box jumps (between waist and nipple height)
  6. Pause press-up (5 sec)
  7. L-sit chin-ups
  8. Burpee dead stop press up
  9. Body saw from plank
  10. Dips