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Back to the gym

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Has my gym kit shrunk?

It’s that time again. The sun, sea and sand are all a distant memory and it is time to get back to the gym. It’s not all bad news, hopefully, you are heading back to the gym with a nice tan, or perhaps just well-rested. If nothing else, your body has been allowed 1-2 weeks of forced rest and recovery. I’m Gareth Nicholas, MaxiNutrition Nutritionist. Let me share a few hints and tips to help you get back on the gym wagon.

Back to the gym weight lifting

What’s stopping you?

Whenever you start something new that is hard work or challenging, the hard part is just getting started. When it comes to health and well-being, if getting back down the gym for the early-bird session seems a bridge too far, perhaps trying something new: a new class, a new sport, a change-up from the old gym programme that got you beach body ready. Maybe now is the time to treat yourself to some new gym kit, a new pair of trainers or perhaps a new wearable gadget. Whatever gives you the incentive to get out of the house and do some exercise. I’m afraid to say summer will soon be over and it's back to taking care of that body.

Back to the gym with friends

Top Tips for getting back to the gym

  • Have a goal – keep it realistic, something that will keep you honest but motivate you to keep going. Make your goal or goals timely. For some, having goals don’t work and it's more about just enjoying the process. That’s okay, but even that could be considered a goal.

  • Walk before you can run – if it's been a while since you walked through the gym doors, you might have to give yourself a reality check and not start where you left off. There’s no shame in dropping the weights, speed and intensity to help you get started in a safe, sensible manner.

  • Be consistent – You don’t have to be in the gym 24/7, even if you can only afford 20 minutes to train, every other day, then start there. The key is just to get started and build consistency. As you see results, you’ll naturally increase your time allocation.

  • Make it fun – Keeping it fun and interesting, perhaps having a competitive edge will keep you coming back. Try training with a friend. You can help motivate each other and keep you both focused on achieving your goals.

  • Have a nutrition plan – for the best results marry your training regime with a nutrition plan. For results to stick, just training hard, will only get you so far. The real sustainable results come from having a healthy diet that supports your training and goals.

MaxiNutrition is here to help

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Promax LeanTreat without the cheat - Creamy Core Protein Bar

Lean Muscle Definition

The most popular products at this time of year are those designed to support a weight loss diet. Promax Lean protein powder is a perfect addition as part of a healthy snack for mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon. Combined with Thermobol Metabolism support tablets, help to take your nutrition to the next level. Another area you may well need help with is the unhealthy snacking. Why not swap the packet of crisps and a chocolate bar for a delicious creamy core protein bar? Still provides you with a tasty treat but without the unwanted fat and sugar and a healthy helping of protein.

Start today and get back on track

It’s easy to put it back a day or say I’ll start Monday, but why wait, start today. For the first week or so, even if you just allocate some time, to build the habit, but do something light, that’s ok. A few weeks of being back at the gym and it will seem like you never left. For more hints and tips on training and nutrition check out our blog area on the site.