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Have a treat without the cheat


Shake up your snacking

Are you partial to a snack here and there? In the UK, more than two-thirds of consumers snack at least five times a week (1). With the increasing demands and quick pace of modern-day life, appropriately fuelling yourself can be put to the bottom of the to-do list. However, you only get out what you put in, meaning those missed meals and skipped snacks don’t go unnoticed. Over the past year it has been the healthy snack category that has driven the snack market growth (2). In turn, there are more options than ever for a healthy pick me up. We have enlisted the help and knowledge of Francesca Baker from St Mary’s University, London, to help us further explore the increasing popularity of the snack selection and share the benefits of choosing these healthier snacking sources.

Tasty treat without the cheat. Protein barsSwap those unhealthy snacks for protein

What we’ve got for you

From bars, bites, dippers to protein shakes we are certain we’ve got something to tickle your taste-buds. Our variety of on-the-go snacks cater to everyone’s nutritional needs including plant based and gluten free options. Topping up your daily protein intake has never been so easy. In 7 delicious flavours, our soft centred protein bars contain 15 grams of protein, nutritionally sound with no compromise to the taste. Looking for something vegan friendly? Get your hands on a ‘Natural Bar’, providing 8.1 grams of protein, giving a natural energy boost. It doesn’t stop there! Our indulgent chocolate protein dippers with crunchy bread-sticks can top you up with almost 10 grams of protein while saving your sweet tooth. Or curl up on the sofa and treat yourself without the cheat. Our ‘milkshake’ like ready-to-go protein milks contain 25 grams of protein with a creamy taste but without added sugar.

Nighttime snackingProtein bars on the go

Digging deeper

The Maximuscle 100% guarantee is our assurance that we only use natural colours and flavours to give you delicious protein products that doesn't compromise on taste. Perfect support for a new to protein consumer looking to trade elevenses chocolate for a protein packed sweet treat. To highlight potential nutritional benefits let’s take a deeper look into what swaps you’re making by choosing our snack alternatives. The average milk chocolate bar (36g) contains 190 kcals including 20 grams of sugar and just 2 grams of protein. A Maximuscle Protein Bar salted caramel (45g), for example, is 175 kcals with 2 grams of sugar and 15 grams of protein. Although calorie intake is not hugely different, the 13 grams difference in protein will leave you satiated for longer, making the most out of the energy intake (175 kcals), it’s a no brainer. A chocolate bar could take you off track; compromise is now a thing of the past. Have a tasty treat that also keeps your goals on the horizon.

Stay on track with maximuscle treatsBring back the Nostalgia with Protein Dippers

Cupboard creativity

When time is on your side or you want to make use of food hanging about in the fridge – there’s no need to go far before you’ve rustled up a high protein snack in a cost-effective way. Here are examples* of some staples that are packed with protein at maximum convenience:

  • Almonds (30g) = 6g protein**
  • Low fat Greek yogurt (100g) = 10g protein
  • Peanut butter topped rice cakes (1 tbsp PB & 2 rice cakes) = 5g protein
  • Low fat Cottage cheese (150g) = 21g protein
  • Seed and nut trail mix (30g) = 6g protein

*based on average serving size ** approximate values given

Happy days

Healthier snacking options on the shelves are a source of quick and easy nutrition. The focus on high protein often leaves little room for there to be high carbohydrate and high fat content – it’s a win win! With this in mind, high protein snacks are a way of people keeping calorie intake low but without compromising on taste and fullness (3). Let us provide you with on-the-go protein products serving quick and easy nutrition, find something to tickle your taste buds here.

Protein Milk on the go. A post training drink to a protein top up at work or in the car.


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