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Healthy Protein Snacks for A Healthier You


How snacking on protein can improve your diet

It’s time to rethink the way you’re snacking. Including protein between meals could be the extra edge your diet and fitness programme needs.

It will keep you going between meals

Studies suggest high-protein snacks like yoghurt with toasted nuts rather than energy-dense, low- protein snacks. Protein also works to feed your muscles with the building blocks they need to maintain muscle mass and growth.

It maximises the results of your hard work

Want to see and feel the results of your labours? Healthy protein snacks help the growth of muscle mass, which means more lean muscle tissue. Nutrition scientists recommend consuming protein throughout the day to make sure you meet your daily protein requirements: protein powders like Maximuscle Cyclone are an effective way to get yours.

It’s as easy and convenient as it can be

Eating protein after exercise assists with effective muscle rebuilding. Make sure you chuck a Maximuscle Protein Bar into your bag before you head out to the gym.

Keep your protein levels topped up

Nutrition scientists recommend keeping your protein levels topped up throughout the day; aim to consume some protein at each meal or snack, ideally aim for 20g - it can be as simple as taking a bottle of Maximuscle Protein Milk out with you. Drinking Maxinutrition Promax Milk between meals as snacks is the ideal way to make this happen.

Healthy protein snacks are a fantastic way to reduce fat and carbohydrates in your diet

Snacks normally means carbohydrates and fats. By replacing your normal snacks with a protein-rich food, you’re filling up on nutrition that works harder for your muscles instead. This isn’t specialist or ‘niche’ – it can be as normal as enjoying a chilled shake straight from the fridge.