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Best Time To Have Protein Shakes


Support Your Goal: Follow our Guide on the Best Times to Consume Protein

Follow our guideline to maximise the benefits protein can have with helping you achieve your goal:

Exercise Days

Protein is important in the growth and development of muscle tissue, so kick start the process by consuming 20-40g in the period following exercise. The best time to have protein shakes tends to be immediately after your session.


  1. Consume 1-2g of protein per kg of body mass per day, depending on your goal.
  2. Aim for 20-40g of protein every 3 hours.
  3. Vary your protein sources throughout the day.
The best times throughout the day for you to consume protein


During sleep protein consumed during the day is used, but by the time you wake up, your body is starved of amino acids. Start the day with a balanced breakfast like poached eggs on wholemeal muffins and a glass of orange juice.


Exercise can increase your body’s need for protein for up to 72 hours. Promax bars are a convenient way to consume protein when at work.


Combine lean protein like chicken or tuna with wholemeal wraps and add salad. Healthy, easy to prepare at home and cheaper then shop alternatives.


Eating healthy snacks in the afternoon can be problematic. Keep a bag of plain nuts like almonds at your desk along with fruit, and consider Promax Milk to supply your protein requirements.


For dinner spilt your plate into 3 sections, one for protein like fish or steak, one for wholemeal pasta or rice and fill the other with vegetables of your choice.

Before Bed

Consuming casein, a protein found in food such as milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese before bed is ideal due to the slow-release protein it contains.