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Hazelnut Protein Oat Cake

- 60g oats
- 30g Plant Max Powder Chocolate
- 150ml milk
- 80g yoghurt
- 1 tsp cocoa powder
- @maximuscle Creamy Core hazelnut nougat bar

- Cook the oats in the milk until it is fully absorbed.
- Once the oats have cooled, add 15g of the protein powder and 40g of the yoghurt.
- Give it a good mix and transfer it to a small bowl.
- Refrigerate overnight.
- in the morning, mix the remaining protein and yoghurt with the cocoa powder unit is makes a thick mixture.
- Wiggle a knife around the oats, tip upside down onto a plate.
- Spoon the yoghurt mixture on top of the oats and finish with a chopped-up protein bar.