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Should I use protein shakes?


Sports nutrition and exercise

Sports nutrition products are relevant for any active individual. This is not just for serious weight trainers but also for people engaging in all forms of physical activity. The best sports nutrition is about offering a tailored solution to your specific goals in a format and flavour that is convenient and tasty. It is important to note that the real benefits of sports nutrition can only be seen, when they are taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and a sensible training regime.

When you partake in physical activity, whether this is recreational or competitive, more often than not you will need an increased requirement of certain nutrients, for example protein and carbohydrates. Protein is especially important when you are looking to improve some aspect of your performance, whether that be to aid muscle maintenance, gain muscle, increase strength and power or just trying to make the most of your sporting, training and exercise goals.

Formulation and ingredients

The vast majority of sports nutrition products are formulated with ingredients that are widely consumed in our everyday diet. One of the most often used and talked about products in sports nutrition are the use of various protein supplements. This includes milk proteins, whey proteins, egg and soya protein. Of these, whey is most often used because of its excellent amino acid profile and its speed of digestion and absorption.

So if you’re still asking should I use protein shakes, the answer is yes! The use of protein supplements is an easy, convenient and economical way of helping to meet your protein requirements. Using a high quality protein supplement such as Promax, which contains whey protein, can help to meet your individual protein needs.

Moreover, beyond being a means to satisfy essential nutrient requirements, many ingredients used in sports nutrition have been proven to have significant positive effects on performance, muscle maintenance, muscle size, muscle-building and mental function.

Whatever goals you have, the right sports nutrition can certainly help.