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Sports Nutrition Advice


Understanding Sports Nutrition & How Sports Nutrition Can Help You

Sports nutrition can play an important role in our daily nutrition, not only for those serious about sports and performance but also for the everyday exerciser who is looking to improve performance or achieve certain body goals.

For anyone to gain the most from sports nutrition advice, in particular protein is essential to aid muscle growth and maintenance. Gaining muscle and/or rebuilding requires an increase in protein within the body. As we exercise, the demand of a positive protein balance and protein breakdown is increased, therefore as exercise increases so too should your protein intake. Exercise instigates muscle growth whilst protein facilitates rebuilding. This is where sports nutrition comes in to play for any type of exerciser from the elite athlete to the everyday gym goer or amateur sports person.

Here to Help

Many people struggle to constantly prepare nutritious food, therefore protein shakes and bars that have the nutrients your body needs are a great way to ensure you get the right nutrition to achieve your personal goals. Our product range contains fully tested, quality assured proteins that can be thrown in your bag for an instant protein boost, whenever you need it.