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Why Choose Maximuscle Protein?


Why Maximuscle?

Maximuscle products use scientific innovation to help you achieve your individual goals. Our scientists have worked hard to ensure you get what you need to reach your potential. Our range of sports nutrition supplements use scientifically-proven ingredients including Maximuscle protein, creatine, micronutrients and a number of other key ingredients to give you tailored support.

Scientifically developed nutrition for your needs

Our product range is split into four categories based on the training goal that you want to reach. Each of our products are expertly formulated with ingredients that align with your goals, like sustaining and rebuilding your muscles, building up strength, bulking up in size, or just getting more lean definition. Our range caters to every type of exerciser, whether you exercise a few times a week or you are a full-time athlete.

It is simple, pick the category that fits your goal and then overlay the amount of exercise that you do.

Recommended by experts, chosen by champions

Maximuscle is the UK’s No.1 expert recommended sports protein brand, and we’ve been providing first-class sport nutrition products for twenty years. Having such a rich history in sports nutrition has meant that we truly understand how athletes’ bodies work and how nutrition can make a difference towards achieving your goals.

Also we work with sports federations across the country, to provide this expertise to their athletes too. Some of the most well known athletes in the country trust, and are ambassadors for Maximuscle; you can see who our heroes’ are and all about them here.

Innovation is at the heart of the Human Performance Lab to research the Maximuscle protein science used in our products. We work tirelessly in a world class sports science facility with experts from all sporting fields to continue to develop the world of sports nutrition.

Always the most trusted products

Our manufacturing process operates to the most stringent standards. We test every single batch of every product that we make. This means you can always be 100% sure of the quality of the product you’re buying. We recognise that all athletes, not just the elite, expect only the highest quality nutrition and Maximuscle apply exactly the same standards for every product, so every single individual knows they are getting the best. We are registered with the Informed-Sport programme of quality assurance for sports nutrition, and we guarantee the integrity of every single product you buy.

If you want to make a real difference to your life through the application of nutrition science, then reach out to us and we’d be happy to help you.

Maximuscle - You, Stronger.