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Training and Nutrition for MMA


Train Like The Renegade

As a practitioner, providing sports nutrition guidance based on theory and research is a key part of a sports nutritionist’s role, but to provide a real practical insight for application, often adds meaningful realism and a greater degree of understanding.

This month I have teamed up with former MaxiNutrition ambassador and MMA fighter turned coach Dean ‘The Renegade’ Amasinger to help link nutritional theory to application, taking some of the methods and strategies used by the elite and translating them to help any budding fighters. .

Amasinger, a former TUF competitor, and regular headliner in the UK scene, is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, and says that after six years as a pro he’s learned that natural food is the way to go.

" Before looking into the finer ingredients, the fundamentals have to be there. I don’t think I’m doing anything drastically different from any other fighter, but I know what my body needs and when it needs it.”

Dean ‘the Renegade’ Amasinger

Eat well, train hard!

Below outlines a typical day in 'The Renegade's' life.

From it you will see a variety of foods but with consistent themes that aligned with the theoretical recommendations for a fighter's nutritional strategy. For example: .

  • Spread your dietary intake into 5-7 meals throughout the day.
  • Aim for 20-30g of protein at each meal to support muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Minimise your sugar and saturated fat intake.
  • Split your daily intake of carbs, protein and fat to replicate the dietary requirements of your training goal e.g. your dietary requirements change from cutting weight to during heavy training loads.
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day.

Keep it simple

Nutrition can often seem very confusing especially with the overwhelming amount of mixed messages and myths. Try to keep things simple, starting from looking at your basic dietary needs and ensuring you meet those first.

There is no rocket science to 'The Renegade's' nutritional strategy. He has simply applied a well balanced diet,ensuring his food timing and type is suited to his training. Get the basics right and the rest will fall into place.