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Marathon & Triathlon Support


Running Tips For Marathon

Running a marathon is obviously a huge undertaking and with that comes a vast amount of information to take on board. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to even chose a training programme, let alone wade through marathon diet plans ...
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Marathon Nutrition

Worried about what to eat on the big day? Never fear, MaxiNutrition is here! To help you on your way, MaxiNutrition have broken down all the important time points for the marathon and given some of our favourite foody suggestions.
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Mid Marathon Nutrition

There’s no denying that running a marathon is tough, but by eating and drinking what’s right for your body during the race can help make the day memorable for all the right reasons.
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Nutrition for Marathon Training

With marathon season just around the corner, hundreds of thousands of runners across the UK are completing their last few long runs in preparation for the big day.
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How to Run A Marathon

If your goal is to be running the much-coveted 26 mile marathon distance, read our advice on how to run a marathon to get you started.
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