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Sustain & Rebuild 3 Day Gym Training Plan


Reach your Sustain & Rebuild goal with Maximuscle

This Maximuscle 3 day Sustain and Rebuild gym training plan is designed to help improve strength endurance. In other words, building on being as strong as you can for as long as you can. This type of training involves using moderate weight, with high reps and minimum rest periods. 

As this type of training is intense, make sure to have a rest day between each training day.

Day 1

Exercise Reps Sets
Press Ups 10 3
Bench Press (superset with below) 12 3
Lat Pull Down 12 3
Dumbbell Pull Over (superset with below) 12 3
Bent over row 12 3
Cable Pec Fly (superset with below) 10 3
Upright Row 10 3
Cable Rope Pull Down 10 3
Internal Cable Pull Down 10 3
2km Treadmill Run As quick as possible 1

Day 2

Exercise Reps Sets
Shoulder Press 12 3
Lat Raise (superset with below) 10 3
Frontal Raise 10 3
Arnie Press 15 4
Close Grip Chins (superset with below) To failure 3
Bicep Curls (light) To failure 3
Preacher Curl 10 3
2 mile row As quick as possible 1

Day 3

Exercise Reps Sets
Exercise Reps Sets
Alternative Bodyweight Lunges 10 3
Leg Press (superset with below) 10 3
Sumo Squat 15 3
Hamstring Curls To failure 3
Leg Extensions (superset with below) 10 3
Bodyweight Squats To failure 3
Calf Extensions (Bodyweight) 20 3
5km Cycle As quick as possible 1

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