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How to stay on track this festival season


Get Fit This Festive season

It’s that time of year again folks. Dig out the beer stained tent and don your finest shorts and wellies combo for the great British festival season! But with little sleep, no weights bench and a sea of temping fast food stalls as far as the eye can see, it can be a challenge to stay on track and keep your body in good nick.

Maximuscle have pulled together the following must do’s to stay on track this festival season.

Balance is key

Firstly remember why you’re there. Festivals are an incredible way to see live music at its best (sometimes worst) and to spend quality time with your mates. So instead of worrying about digressing from your macro’s and beating yourself up if you’ve over-indulged, be present and enjoy. Life goes on. Having said that, there are always opportunities to pick healthier food & drink options so the little angel on your shoulder is satisfied.

Wholesome breakfast

You’ll need a breakfast fit for a king on festival days to top up your energy stores so you can continue throwing shapes and rack up the miles walking from stage to stage. Start the day right with a brekkie packed with nutrients, a source of carbs, protein and plenty of fruit. Plan ahead and pack sachets of flaxseed to add to your morning yoghurt, and store your fruit in Pringles can to stop them being mashed up in your bag.

Savvy snacking

It’s easy to rack up the receipts from food vendors at festivals. Three square meals per day plus snacks can set you back a fair bit, money that could be better spent elsewhere. Go shopping in the days before and stock up on protein based, nutritious, lightweight snacks that aren’t likely to perish over a few days. Great options include home-made trail mix with dried fruits, nuts & seeds, e.g. almonds, cashews, goji berries, coconut chips and sunflower seeds. Make sure to take more than you need as you know you’ll have to hand out a fair amount to your friends.

Portion your protein

Stay on the gain train by packing protein powder into individual re-sealable bags inside your shaker to avoid taking the whole weighty tub. Keep the bags once you’ve used your protein, they will come in useful to protect your wallet and phone when the rain inevitably hits.


Staying hydrated is so important during a festival especially if you’re drinking alcohol or it’s particularly sunny. Guidelines suggest 2.5 litres water per day, but if you’ve been dancing and sweating for hours you will definitely need to up your intake. Remember to pack a re-usable water bottle or shaker and wrap with brightly coloured tape so you know which is yours. If you have to buy water from a stall ask to keep the bottle cap as many will remove the caps when it’s served up, meaning you can’t toss it in your bag and keep it for later. If plain water isn’t your tipple of choice take a squeezy bottle of concentrated fruit juice with you to make water more palatable.

Body weight exercise

Panicking that you won’t get any exercise at a festival? Think again. It can be exhausting if you do it properly! You’ll be getting in plenty of cardio with dancing, and for strength exercise grab a mate to do a 20 minute body weight blast using each other as weight. Scroll through your favourite social media feed to find workout inspiration.

Take home message

Even though you’ve probably been working hard for your summer body, remember to make the most out of your time at your chosen festival. Take plenty of nutrient packed snacks, portion your protein and don’t forget to drink lots....water that is.