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Increasing Your Flexibility


3 fantastic ways to boost your flexibility

Looking to improve your flexibility? Incorporate some flexibility-focused training into your life and you’ll feel the difference fast. Here are our top three tips that will get you stretchier in no time.


A good yoga class focuses on posture, breath and stretches, with a good cardio workout as an added bonus. Stress can have a detrimental effect on our flexibility by causing muscle tension, so the stress-busting nature of a yoga class can give you instant results by releasing some of those tight knots. Try using some of the breathing techniques used to deepen stretches in your other workouts too, and you may find your yoga practice improves your performance in the gym. To find your local yoga class, and the right kind of yoga for you search here.


Pilates is a ‘whole-body’ treatment that encourages strength, flexibility and balance, with an emphasis on core stability. A Pilates class should effectively lengthen and strengthen your muscles, using your body’s own weight to deepen the stretch. Like yoga, Pilates uses the breath to support your posture and release muscle tension. Good posture is also encouraged by effectively retraining your body to avoid bad postural habits.

To find out more about Pilates search here.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training has been described as the ‘Yoga of Iron’, and it can show excellent results in terms of improving your flexibility. Want to increase your mobility in those stubborn hip flexors and hamstrings? Kettlebell swings are great for these muscles, not only in increasing your range of movement, but also strengthening weak glutes, which will in turn open up your hips. Swinging the bell back lengthens your hamstrings. Overhead carrys can strengthen and condition your spine and shoulders.

Good Kettlebell training should encourage excellent posture and form, so beginners should look for a good class or tutor. A UK directory is available here.