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  • Name: Amy Conroy
  • Favourite Product: Caramel Millionaires Protein Bar
  • Why use it: Taste's so good and 15g of Protein
Amy Conroy is a 4.0 point British wheelchair basketball player, she’s represented Great Britain in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, the 2016 Summer Paralympics in a Rio de Janeiro, co captained the team to win Gold in the under 25 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Beijing and won a silver medal at the 2018 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Hamburg.

When it comes to hard work and determination Amy has both in ample amounts. From overcoming cancer to representing her country at an elite level, Amy is a perfect recruit to Team Maximuscle. 

We sat down with Amy to welcome her to Team Maximuscle and chat to her about all things training, basketball and most importantly what her go-to Maximuscle product is…. 

- When did you first get into sport/fitness?
Back in the 2 leg days I was pretty sporty. Got cancer a year later after chemotherapy I was buzzing to be alive, 1 leg out of 2 left and my dad started taking me to these local taster sessions for basketball. Hated it at first, I was appalling at first but then my competitive side came through and I saw how good basketball could be especially at the top level my competitive spark reignited and I’ve been playing ever since.

- Why Basketball?
Basketball was the only sport I tried and I stuck with it! 

- What’s the proudest moment in your career?
Winning the U25 World Championships in China, and beating Germany when we were massive underdogs in the semi-finals of the World Championships in 2018 in front of a German crowd.

- Who or what inspires you?
People that make me dream big! 
My teammates and their journeys!
My dad! He’s a legend  

- What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Always give it everything in every training session, every match no matter what you have in the tank always give 100% to everything. 

- What’s the one thing in your training regime that you can’t live without?
My boxing bag and hula hoop! 
Core workouts and skull crushers! 

- What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned when it comes to training?
Do the prehab, and the little exercises! Always warm up/down properly, look after yourself!

- What are your key goals when it comes to nutrition?
I want to bulk up! Creatine & protein to put on some size. I still have to keep lean for agility and speed

- What’s your favourite Maximuscle product (if you had to choose one)? And why? 
Caramel Millionaires Protein bar! Taste so good and 15g of protein! 

- Why Maximuscle?
Maximuscle is for whether you are an elite athlete, a hardcore cross fitter or just starting out. Maximuscle believe in have your dream, go for it and we will support you what ever it is. Break barriers, push boundaries, make your biggest dreams possible! 

- Do you have any pre or post match/comp rituals?
Lucky underwear! 
Pre game playlist and pre match warm up! 

- What advice would you give to anyone starting out in sport/fitness?
Don’t compare yourself to others 
Don’t be self-conscious of your body. Don’t let your insecurities limit your goals.
Don’t compare your journey to others – do it for you! 
Know your why, and always remind yourself to give you and extra push

- What are your goals for the future?
Win gold in Tokyo! 

-Tell us a fun fact about you? 
I got my prosthetic leg signed by the Cheeky Girls!