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We sat down with Daine to chat to him about all things training, nutrition and most importantly what his go-to Maximuscle product is…. 

- When did you first get into sport/fitness?


I got into martial arts when I as 7 and did this on and off until I was 21 where I found the sport of CrossFit

- What’s your favourite sport/workout?

CrossFit is my favourite sport as it combines lots of different sport modalities into one, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, strongman and much more so there is something for everyone and stays interesting.

- Who or what inspires you?

My coaching team inspire me everyday, seeing their passion in helping others to enjoy fitness and live their largest life

- What’s the one thing in your training regime that you can’t live without?

Sleep! More and more I realise the importance of sleep and the effects it has on my motivation, health and performance when in the gym.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned when it comes to training?

Recovery is just as important as the training.

What are your key goals when it comes to nutrition?

My key goal with my nutrition is to be consistent with mastering the basics daily:

-Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

-Eat whole unprocessed foods

-Making sure all meals contain a protein, carb(fruit and vegetables) and fat.

-Eat enough calories and protein to support training.

What’s your favourite Maximuscle product (if you had to choose one)? And why?

My favourite Maximuscle product is Cyclone as it is an all in one protein powder ensuring that I get all I need to support my training and recovery without having a cupboard filled of different supplements. This also makes this product much more convenient and saves me money at the same time.

Why Maximuscle?

Maximuscle have been around and trusted for many years. Maximuscle was actually the first supplement that I brought when I started training in a gym. All their products are tested by informed sport so you know that they are great quality and can be trusted.