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Gareth Nicholas - Performance Nutritionist

  • Name: Gareth Nicholas
  • Qualifications:
    MSc Human Performance
    BSc (Hon) Sport Science
    IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • Favourite Workout: CrossFit or Running
  • Favourite Product: Plant Max
  • Why use it:  :The best tasting plant-based protein in the market

About Gareth


You can’t train out a bad diet! Nutrition and training go hand in hand, supporting each other to ultimately improve your performance and help you take another step forward in achieving your goals. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but it must be tailored and refined to the individual, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.


I have been in and around fitness since 2000, starting my career within the gym and managing a health club This sparked off my interest and desire to create a career not only in sport but also in helping people in physical training.

In the early years of my sporting career, training and coaching was my main focus but following university I was more interested in helping people support their training goals through nutrition. This has predominately been in commercial nutrition, working for brands such as Lucozade Sport and Maximuscle. As a nutritionist, it’s not all been commercially focused, within the last 15 years I have provided nutritional support for an array of sports and individuals from grass-roots up to Olympic Athletes and professionals.

I have been very fortunate to work in many sports from cycling, running, triathlon, football and rugby, boxing to name a few. I have been involved with Maximuscle since 2011, but more recently I head up all things nutrition and manage all product development .