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Training Tips

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Jordan McLaughlin - Tips To Improve Squats Technique

Don’t skip Leg Day!!! Get down the gym and let the leg gains begin!
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What Is Tempo Training?

If you’re new to weight training or trying to catch up on the new lingo on the gym floor, take a look at this Maximuscle Tempo breakdown.
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Benefits of Slow and Low weight training

There is merit to all types of training from high reps with low weight to low reps with heavy weights and everything in between. As long as things are intense and you work to the best of your ability alongside a nutritional plan to suit your goal, your goal should be achievable.
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How to stay on track this festival season

Balance is key Firstly remember why you’re there. Festivals are an incredible way to see live music at its best (sometimes worst) and to spend quality time with your mates. So instead of worrying about digressing from your macro’s and beating yourself up if you’ve over-indulged, be present and enjoy. Life goes on. Having said that, there are always opportunities to pick healthier food & drink options so the little angel on your shoulder is satisfied
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Five Mistakes for a Summer Cut

The truth is, to “tone up” (which actually just requires lowering overall body fat to see the muscles underneath) you simply need to create a slight daily calorie deficit, add a suitable exercise plan and finally, stick to them both! That’s it. It really is that simple.
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