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Training Tips


Pre Beach Pump Exercises

Click here for MaxiNutrition PT Paul Olima & Locksmith's top exercises to get you pumped before you hit the beach
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Office Exercises and Workouts

Four office exercises you can do at your desk when you're unable to get to the gym. Improve your fitness with these easy office workouts.
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New Cycling Challenges and Running Routes

Test your fitness by trying new running routes and tough cycling challenges to maximize your cardio and test your performance.
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Muscle Confusion Doesn't Mean Muscle Growth

Check out our Muscle Confusion article, which is just one of a wide range of specialist training related articles here at Maximuscle.
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Increasing Your Flexibility

Looking to improve your flexibility? Incorporate some flexibility-focused training into your life and feel the difference fast. Here are our top three tips that will get you stretchier in no time.
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