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Body Part Exercises


The Benefits of Push Ups

The push-up is a complex compound move that works your chest, biceps and core. Discover the benefits of push ups in this article by Maximuscle.
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The Best Push Up Workout for Chest Gains

Find out which muscles push-ups work and why you should train them. Build an enormous chest with this push up workout designed by the makers of Maximuscle.
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The Leg Blast Workout

Build huge, defined quads with this leg blast workout - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill
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The Kettlebell Workout

An all over body workout that just used kettlebells - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill
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How To Get Bigger Arms

Learn how to get bigger arms with our expert training advice and guides. MaxiNutrition tells you what you need to build big biceps.
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